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Independent Stakeholder Engagement Report from Deloitte on the Proposed Backpacker Tax

For all of the fruit and vegetable growers who will be affected by the proposed backpacker tax which looks to still be lingering in parliamentary limbo (ABC News 14/10/216 9;05am), Deloitte has facilitated an independent stakeholder engagement report.   This report was commissioned by, and provided to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. 

It reports on the expected impacts to agriculture via the seasonal fruit pickers/agriculture workers and tourism if the working holiday maker visa is changed.  

Access the report here: http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/434989/deloitte-au-independent-stakeholder-engagement-working-holiday-maker-visa-review-300916.pdf?t=1476239247153

ABC News tells us that  "Labor will refer the bills to a Senate economics committee for review, and says it will finalise its position on the tax after that committee reports back on November 7."  




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September 2016, Independent stakeholder engagement on the Working Holiday Maker Visa review, Deloitte. <https://www2.deloitte.com/au/en/pages/economics/articles/independent-stakeholder-engagement-working-holiday-maker-visa-review.html?>

Photo from: http://workingholiday.co/fruit-picking-seasons-in-australia



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