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New magazine for women on the land

Interestingly I noticed this in the local newsagents the other day.  It is a new magazine featuring stories on women in agriculture.  Of course I had to buy it to find out more. 

Graziher mag.jpg 

Further investigation revealed that it is the idea of a 23 year old female cattle producer from Queensland who began with a blog and then quickly converted it into an independent magazine, which sold 3000 copies in its first issue. 


"I would love to see a lot of young women reading it so they're aware of the possibilities open to them in rural and regional Australia."

Claire Dunne, Graziher publisher.  Quote from ABC online.
It is a great entrepreneurial initiative to sell the story of rural living and agriculture to the broader Australia market.  There should be great pride within the industry on all of the amazing things women and men are doing to contribute to agriculture, the rural landscape and quality of life here on the farm and in rural towns. 

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