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Will the rain continue.....we all hope so and the BOM says it might just keep coming

wheatIt was great to hear good news today on the climate front from the Weekly Times and the Bureau of Meteorology.  Like all people, both farmers and non farmers residing in  Victoria and South Australia, we know the rain affects lives, families, businesses and the community as a whole.

The Weekly Times claims that we have seen the back of El Nino, with wetter times ahead.   The Bureau of Meteorology has stated that El Nino is over, with Southern Australia and particularly Western Victoria having been heavily affected by it.

The climate models are all showing a stronger outlook for moisture than what we had with El Nino. "The BOM said international climate models indicated the tropical Pacific Ocean will continue to cool, with six of the eight models suggesting wetter-than-average La Nina conditions would likely form during winter."

So we will watch the rain out our window and the crops as they emerge with a positive outlook towards this season.

To find out more read the entire Weekly Times article at <http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/news/el-nino-officially-dead-bureau-of-meteorology-declares/news-story/19e1c57babcaa5112df0854b06f23635>  25 May 2016.

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