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Precision Seeding Technology and Liquid Systems being used in Wimmera Sowing


Last week we filmed this customer at Horsham planting wheat with their John Deere DB60 48 row planter on 15” spacings and feeding the CCS tanks with seed and also applying dry and liquid fertiliser from the John Deere 430 bu 1910 air cart which is on tracks and has a liquid system from Liquid Systems SA mounted on it and the planter.

The benefits of precision seeding summer crops are well known and in many cases it is the only way to sow many summer crops, but the benefits of precision planting winter crops in Australia are becoming evident and researched more closely. In conjunction with the precision planting practise comes the integration of the use of liquid products and liquid fertiliser, as seen on this machine in the video, on both the John Deere 1910 cart and also the John Deere DB60 48 row planter.

The benefits of using liquid fertiliser and liquid products are outlined in an interview with Peter Burgess of Liquid Systems SA, written by Andrew Mole, The Lead “Agriculture becomes more precise thanks to Liquid Systems” 8 April 2014.  The following has been condensed but the original article can be found using the link below.

Liquid Systems allows for the application of not just liquid fertiliser but water to help the plant establish quicker as well as  delivering fungicide, micronutrients, inoculants, nematicide, insecticide, and ameliorants into the furrow.

The technology developed in South Australia is being adopted across North America and South America where the Argentinian’s are using the application of water in the furrow to support the plant before the rains arrive.

"'Precision liquid injection is also often complementary to dry granular fertiliser application. Many of Liquid Systems’ customers don’t use liquid fertiliser but they do use liquid delivery to support the granular compounds they apply, with water as the main carrier.'

Liquid Systems is constantly innovating the system and is working on the integration of GPS systems for mapping and variable rate injection to further contribute to the  precise application of inputs using deep banding, side banding, banding with seed and surface banding.

“Direct injection via our SPIKER means we can inject a chemical or micronutrient or a specific tank agitated blend into the main stream on the go. This allows independent rate control of the injected chemical and avoids some of the pitfalls of all in one tank mixing and mechanical (locked rate) direct injection devices,” he says.”

The owners of this machine featured in this video are innovators within the industry and tracking their adoption of new technology is a joy, and something to be shared.  Teaming their plans for precision planting with a dual liquid application system provided by Peter Burgess of Liquid Systems SA, and some powerful John Deere equipment made for perfect social media content for Emmetts."

Emmetts are proud to be supplying innovative technologies to our innovative customers.

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Article content from <http://www.theleadsouthaustralia.com.au/innovators/agriculture-becomes-more-precise-thanks-to-liquid-systems/> 30 May 2016.

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