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Controlled Traffic WideTract 3m spacing kit at work in Kellalac VIC

Graeme Stewart is a broadacre farmer located in Kellalac, Western Victoria who is growing barley, wheat, canola, and lentils this year, as well as vetch for hay.  Graeme is amazed with the versatility and reliability of the WideTract TM 3m spacing kit which he ordered with his new John Deere 8270R tractor. This Australian  designed and manufactured aftermarket product, which doesn’t require any permanent modifications to the tractor, was supplied by C&C Machining & Engineering and fitted by the team at Emmetts Warracknabeal.  As Graeme and many other growers  are becoming committed to using controlled traffic farming principles on their properties this upgrade kit is an important addition to their tractors.              

‘If you are looking to space your front wheels, the WideTract TM 3m Spacer Kit, is a perfect fit for John Deere machines. It is reliable and gives me the confidence to travel between paddocks and properties on the highways without worrying about damaging the machine’.

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Grame Stewart #2-1

‘Attaching the WideTract TM 3m Spacer Kit to my John Deere 8270R has now become invaluable to my operation, allowing me to feel comfortable knowing that I have significantly reduced the risk on the machine, as the spacers easily attach to the John Deere ILS TM built in suspension and are bolted on.  With my other tractor, which has cotton reels, there is more risk in damaging wheel bearings and seals with the extra load on them.  This paired with the additional downtime, if the machine breaks down, can be very costly.’

‘By adding the WideTract TM 3m Spacer Kit to my John Deere 8270R, I feel like I have definitely added value to the machine, both in regards to risk mitigation and resale value’.

Graeme commented that if he were to buy more John Deere products, he would purchase this product again without a doubt. We wish Graeme all the best and thank him for his time.

The Emmetts team have seen interest increase for this WideTract TM product, as more growers adopt controlled traffic farming principles, contact your Emmetts branch, if you wish to discuss this valuable upgrade kit  for your current or new tractor.

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