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Future tech may promise the benefits of city life from the country - TED Talk

I love a TED Talk, the sharing of ideas from experts in their field to anyone who is interested, has 10 to 15 minutes to spare and possesses an internet connection. It is both the technology topics, and the agriculture topics that I search out. With this TED Talk I could see the relate-ability of this topic with the Emmetts blog readers.   It is a good news story for country areas.

With so many small towns in our region lamenting the loss of our youth to larger cities like Adelaide and Melbourne, with many people in our communities not working in their chosen field because of the tyranny of distance from our farms or smaller regional towns, and with the importance of quick delivery times on things like parts to farms, this TED Talk offers hope for a future with a growing population in the country, additional employment options and ease of access to things with drone deliveries. You might want to watch this, if you have an interest, 11 minutes and an internet connection.


To watch the TED Talk follow this link:  



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