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Get the Grain Truck Plus app for harvest - free from the app store

The GrainTruckPlus app is now available for download in Australia and New Zealand on both iOS and Android. Direct your truck fleet efficiently during harvest season! GrainTruckPlus helps you manage your grain harvesting fleet from your field to your preferred elevators. Know where your team members are, where the nearest elevators are, and get information about wait times at those elevators.

GrainTruckPlus App.jpg

 Monitor your grain truck fleet driving to and from your fields with just this app

 Create a team to let your workers know where the combines, carts, and trucks are

 View your MyJohnDeere Operations Center field boundaries on the map and share them with your team (MyJohnDeere account is not required for app usage)

 Find and view your favourite grain elevators, including contact information and directions

 View estimates of grain elevator wait times

 Securely create and share your own on-farm storage locations with your team

GrainTruckPlus App #1.jpg

What’s New?

 You can now import your field boundaries from the MyJohnDeere Operations Center to view them on the map and share them with your team

 Stop and start sharing your location with the flick of a switch from the team page

 Detailed location information on the team page allows you to quickly see who is at the elevator

 Improved process for refreshing location data  Improved direction of travel arrow

 Redesigned team page and unique vehicle icons to better fit your harvesting operation

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