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Improving Gender Balance in the Emmetts Service Departments

An outstanding event occurred at the March management meeting. On the topic of mechanic job vacancies and apprentices, Anton Elliot, Group Service Manager informed the group that we now have three female apprentices and one female service advisor within the Emmetts service team. In an industry that has been and is still male dominated, having more women employed, particularly in service, is excellent for the company.

Management research shows that better decisions are made by a group when there is diversity within it. The second element to this is, if only males see technicians’ jobs as a career option, the industry then only has 50% of the population to draw employees from. The agriculture and auto industries across Australia are screaming for qualified technicians to provide customers with timely, reliable and expert repairs. The more people who see diesel mechanics as an attractive career path, the better it will be for our industry.

The roles of all technicians in our industry have been changing along with the machines they are working on. Most machines we now service operate with a series of complex computers, wiring circuits, telematics, GPS guidance and automated components that send data to any number of destinations as determined by the machines owner. With the new generation of technicians coming through the system, be they male or female, all will need the aptitude to work across a wide range of disciplines. They are going to be very skilled people indeed. There has never been a better time to be at the cutting edge of new farming technology as it is introduced.

I am proud that Emmetts was seen as an employment option for these new staff. Within Emmetts we are striving to create a great culture to work in, with a better gender balance than what has previously existed. I hope that more women and men will choose a career path in service, parts, sales or integrated solutions technology at Emmetts. We welcome it!

Peter Emmett




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