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Robotic Lawn Mower By John Deere - Autonomous Mowing

The Tango E3 is now available in the UK, and it provides the world with autonomous mowing – a modern, hassle free solution that saves you time and delivers a perfectly maintained lawn.

The TANGO E5 is designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 autonomous mower sets a new bench mark in lawn maintenance.

By placing a guide wire around your lawn area the Tango mows within the perimeter and returns to its recharge station when needed.  The Tango is self mulching with no bags needing to be emptied.  Mowing days and times can be set within the program.  Relax knowing your grass will be maintained like clockwork.


Tango 2


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