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The new 9000 I Series Air Seeder from Bourgault


Since releasing the world’s first tow-behind Air Seeder in 1980, Bourgault has continued to be on the forefront of Air Seeder technology. In 2004 Bourgault released the 6550 Model which, at almost 20,000L was the world’s largest production air seeder. This feat was replicated 10 years later when they released the 71300. With an almost 45,000L capacity, the 71300 was more than double the size of the 6550, showing how far the air seeder market had come in a relatively short amount of time.

Bourgault 9000 image

Bourgault’s innovations in the agricultural industry are driven by agronomy and best farming practises. Having been started by farmers, for farmers, with many of the team still actively farming, Bourgault has never strayed far from its roots. Being so closely connected to the users has kept Bourgualt equipment not only relevant, but foremost over a long period of time.

Their in-house agronomy team are heavily involved in the design of all Bourgault equipment, testing products and techniques on both the Test Farm, and on trial plots throughout Western Canada. If features don’t provide worthwhile benefits to farmers, then they don’t make it onto Bourgault machines.

9000 I Series

Bourgault Industries is proud to continue that tradition with the release of the 9000 I Series Air Seeders. Industry leading technology, blended with components that have changed little over the last 30 years, Bourgault is able to provide farmers with a machine that is familiar, trusted and reliable, while still being at the forefront of modern technology.

The new 9000 I Series have 4 individual tanks, each with 3 load cells for accurate, independent weight readings even on uneven ground. With the integration to the Topcon X35 console, farmers know exactly how much product they are putting in their tank and can now get accurate readings of the remaining product in each tank, while on-the-go. The major advance of continual weight readings is to allow the seeders rate controller to do on-the-go calibrations, giving the farmer the actual application rate, in real time. This means that one of the most accurate metering systems on the market just got even more accurate!

The 9000 I Series Seeders range has 5 new models in 3 sizes: 9650 (22,900L), 9950 (33,460L) and the 91300 (45,790L). Both the 9650 and 9950 come in leading configurations. All models come standard with 4-tank metering available to either product primary line; the 9650 models have a 30/20/20/30 tank splits, while the larger 9950 and 91300 have a 19/18/11/23 ratio. All models can have an optional small seeds Saddle Tank™, adding a further 1,500L capacity.


As the Air Seeders keep getting larger and heavier, compaction has become an ever larger focus for farmers. Bourgault has placed a large emphasis on selecting heavy duty running gear and putting more rubber under the 9000 Series Air Seeders. The large diameter, increased inflexion (IF) tyres deliver very low ground pressures, reduced rolling resistance, maximizing flotation which helps to ensure uniform germination. Even with the increase in size of seeders, the 9650, in both trailing and leading configurations, has 3-metre centre options for Controlled Traffic Farming.


Achieving high capacity fills whilst also being gentle on seed, all 9000 I Series seeders come standard with a 15” conveyor, the two Leading models come standard with a folding conveyor. The load/unload conveyor and tank sump design also provide for easy clean-out.

PDM PRO™ Metering units

Current customers will recognise and confirm the performance of the proven PDM PRO™ Metering units with hydraulic drive motors. The UHMW liner and orifice with a steel metering auger provides the highest degree of accuracy, minimizes troublesome products from sticking to the inside of the housing, while still providing gentle seed handling. The durability and ease of use of these metering units along with an ability to accurately sow a huge range of products and application rates has been upheld over many seasons.

Accurate metering is only part of the job on modern large air seeders, it’s also important to ensure even distribution across the bar. All 9000 I Series seeders are coupled to Bourgault’s EVENSTREAM™ Primary Distribution System, ensuring even seed coverage over the largest bars. Centring vanes and ribbed plastic inserts positioned above primary manifolds ensure product is positioned to achieve even distribution out to the secondary heads. All models have the option of not only single and double-shoot, but the new TriMax™ triple-shoot Primary Lines providing three separate air streams for the ultimate in seed and fertiliser placement. For maximum benefit, Bourgault recommends 9000 I Series are fitted with Dual ASC™ (Auto-Section Control) to further increase savings to the farmer.

I2I – Implement to Implement Communication

Another feature for seeding 2021 is when more than one seeding rig is working in the same field, Bourgault’s I2I (Eye To Eye) option allows two or more seeders to communicate to each other synchronizing seeding progress onto a single map. This allows all operators to view the areas of the field that are already seeded, avoid misses and have one complete map when the field is complete.

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