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Victorian Soil Moisture Monitoring - Agriculture Victoria & BOM outlook for May - July 2017

With another day of rain and with broad acre farmers sowing, or nearly ready to start sowing their crops for 2017, I thought a post on rainfall would be well received. 

Some moisture monitoring from Agriculture Victoria shows:

"Current soil moisture speedo values, as a collective, are higher than usual for this time of year compared to the last five years of monitoring. To find out more about the soil moisture conditions and recent rainfall trends in your area read the April 2017 SMM newsletter from Agriculture Victoria."

Soil moisture speedos April 2017


A report from the Bureau of Meteorology released April 27, 2017 shows:

Climate outlook overview

  • May to July rainfall likely to be below average over the southern two-thirds of mainland Australia.
  • May is likely to be drier than average over most of Australia, except far northern Australia and Tasmania.
  • Daytime temperatures for May to July are likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia, but cooler than average for the Top End of the NT.
  • Night-time temperatures for May to July are likely to be warmer in southwest, central and the far southeast of Australia.
  • This outlook is influenced by warming in tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures and a cooler eastern Indian Ocean (see the Climate Influences section for more detail).


There is even a 4 minute video produced by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) on the May and July 2017 outlook.





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