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Vigneron Production Technology

The quest for control across primary production continues and technology is leading the charge.   The Australian Financial  released an article on sensor driven tools in wine production,  The article highlights the way the vigneron can maximize return from each vineyard as grape quality varies by soil type and sunlight levels.

"Remote sensors with the ability to detect everything from how much water a plant is storing to how much light is falling on the ripening grape are revealing valuable information about just how variable the biosphere of a single vineyard can be." Much like broadacre cropping, moisture sensors, GPS, drones and thermal mapping has been adopted in wine grape production.

Last year the  University of Adelaide created and app called VitiCanopy to allow growers to monitor the level of canopy to fruit to manage light penetration in the fruit zone. 


Continuing to apply new technology to primary production practices will assist Australian growers to maintain and hopefully increase profitability. 

Read the entire Australian Financial Review article at: http://www.afr.com/news/special-reports/wine-production-controlled-through-new-technology-20160307-gncemc

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